Photo by Sarah Ferraro.

Hi, I am Alex Zitzner. I am an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. I “study” creative writing (focusing on poetry), am the former Editor-In-Chief of their literary and fine arts journal, NOTA, and a former member of the advisory board for Chippewa Valley Writers Guild. In my free time, I enjoy skateboarding, listening to Lou Reed/The Velvet Underground, and experimenting in different mediums of art.


Alexander Zitzner is a former poetry reader for The Adroit Journal and former Co-Vice President to the Western Region for the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. He recently has served as Assistant Arts Administrator to the Cirenaica Writing Residencies in Fall Creek, WI, an intern to the Chippewa Valley based publication Barstow & Grand, and an intern for the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild.


(2020) Kirkwood Poetry Award

(2019) SREU Grant: Improving High-Impact Educational Experiences

(2018) Nadine St. Louis Creative Writing Scholarship for Poetry

(2018) SREU Grant: Improving High-Impact Educational Experiences

(2017) People’s Choice Award: Poetry in the Prairie

(2017) Arthur Murray Memorial Journalism Award

(2017) Mickey Crothers Creative Expression Award